We cannot believe how the time is flying. 2013 is almost gone, and although that is scary, Caleb and I could not be more excited about starting our new life together.

Caleb is working full-time at Rush as an R.N. I am student teaching this fall at Florence Elementary School and will graduate with my Bachelor's in December. Recently, we made an extremely important decision...we have decided to move home! It's official. We're going to be Neshoba County residents. Although, we debated about whether or not it was the right decision, we just know that it's home. Our families are there, and that is what's most important to us.

This fall has brought some wonderful memories for us. My sweet friends and co-workers from the Potting Shed (Jenny Dabbs, Nancy Hardy, Gina Moorehead, Amy Johnston, Lisa Posey, and June Nowell) threw me a glorious shower in October. It was a beautiful day, and we receive more than we deserve. So thankful to have such a wonderful community and great friends.

On Saturday, May 4th, we had the Bailey-Jay Engagement Party! We cannot thank Sid, Mickie, and Sidney Williams as well as all the hosting families for all the work that you've did in preparation for this special day. It was a wonderful night and one that we will always hold so closely to our hearts! Check out the Engagement Party tab to see all the pictures!

On the subject of pictures...as something fun for us to always to have to look back on, we are asking that if you Instagram any pics from the engagement party, future showers and parties, and the wedding itself that you will hashtag (#baileypicsjay) so we can see all the pics in the same place! We were looking for a creative hashtag that doesn't have any pics yet. Two of my sweet bridesmaids came up with this super cute hashtag for us (Thanks Kaelin and Kinsey!). It's a fun pun.. we want all your "pics", but it also shows that "Bailey picks Jay". Caleb approved, but only if I'd pick him forever. That wasn't a hard choice! ;)

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